August 29, 2016

About Us

“Shift to hassle free future of LED lighting witht our ‘DRIVERLESS’ technology”

With the recent introduction of COB (Chip on Board) modules LED technology has taken a leap in to an altogether diffrent level. The illumination achived from these COB’s has reached an amazing level of 100 plus lumens per watt paving for a green, ROHS and LWHI (Low Wattage high illumience) Lighting Solutation.
Ossur LED is one of the Leaders to introduce the DRIVERLESS & DIMMABLE technology in india for SMD LED & COB LED solutation for indoor, outdoor & industrial applictions.

Ossur LED is one motivation driven company striving to explore more innovative lighting solutation such as introduction of LED luminares with DRIVERLESS Technology Direct 220v LED known as AC LED and OSSUR LED has been very active in introducing effect lighting with Direct 220V configration


Introducing revolutionry change in tranditional LED lighting with the innovation of Driveless technology.

Driveless LED lights can avoid the failure caused by the driver.

Zero maintanance.

The heat sink only need to solve the heat dissipation of LED’s.

Support dimming function* (Automation as well).

Facilitates surge protection, accordingly protects the product from voltages fluctuation.


Introducing Dimming function in LED lighting. This allows you to save energy and gives you the facility to choose a light ambience suiting your mood.